Wednesday, July 28, 2010

EYE DONATION - Need of the nation

Today I am posting a detailed brochure which I am using for my various awareness drives for the last 12 years.
(By : S. V. Agashe)
India, as of today has over 12.5 million visually impaired individuals, roughly 20% of the worlds total.
About 2.5 to 3 million of them are disabled due to defective cornea.
Cornea is a transperent protective layer covering the front part of the eye. In some cases due to
congenital defects, injury or Infection cornea becomes opaque blocking light ray, thus rendering a person visually impaired. Such individuals can have their eye sight restored by a simple surgery called corneal grafting.
However, those who are disabled due to other reasons can not be treated by the method of corneal grafting.
Unfortunately in India, where about 8 millian die every year, only about 15000 corneas are harvested for grafting. At the other side, we import a large number of corneas from a very small country like Sri Lanka where eye donation is considered a sacred act. Is it not highly disgraceful to us ?
To remove the huge disparity between requirement and availability of eye balls, India needs a vigorous, well sustained 'donate your eyes' movement.
A few vital points vis-a-vis eye donation are :
Practically every one from a few days old baby to even a 100 year old senior citizen is eligible. Age, Sex,Blood Group, Caste, Creed, religion do not matter.
Those who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, wear glasses or even have undergone cataract operationstoo can donate eyes.
Eyes can be pledged during ones life time but can be donated only after death. Even visually disabled persons can pledge their eyes provided disability is due to other factors but cornea is in good condition.
Cornea of those who die of AIDS, Rabies, Jaundice, STD, Cancer (if cornea is affected by it) are not used for grafting but such corneas are useful for research and practice. It is better left to the descretion of thedoctor whether to accept such corneas or not.
In case of accidental death, if the cornea is intact, eye donation can take place with the permission of the police officer concerned.
Cornea should be removed from the dead body as early as possible but in any case within 6 hours.
Expressing desire for eye donation in ones 'WILL' is of no use since the 'WILL' may be opened even after a few days after the death.
Eyes can be pledged by filling a pledge card and sending it to an eye bank. Eye bank on receipt of pledge card issues a donor's card.
Consent and cooperation of close relatives is very much essential. If one has pledged eyes but next of kin is unwilling, the eyes cannot be donated. On the other hand, eye donation is verymuch possible if the next of kin permits it in spite of eyes not having been formally pledged.
Since relatives cooperation matters a lot, entire family should sit together, discuss the issue, and make the pledge thus motivating one another.
When a death occurs in a family, relations of the deceased should immediately call the nearest eye bank and not necessarily the same eye bank that has issued the donors card.
Specialists deputed by the eye bank remove the corneas and fills the socket with cotton or artificial eyes.This process called 'Enucleation' takes not more than 30 minutes.
It is a myth that the face is disfigured after enucleation.

On removal, corneas are taken to the eye hospital and after processing, are grafted to two to six needy persons, as per the waiting list.
Following precautions, if taken are very useful in preserving the cornea longer.
- Raising the head about 6 inclnes higher by placing a pillow beneath it
- Closing eye lids and covering them with wet cloth or ice cubes.
- Putting eye drops in the eyes.
- Switching off fans but switching on AC (if available)
Death certificate issued by family physician should be kept ready. Physician shall be requested to take a blood sample of 10cc.
Charity is considered a very sacred act in indian culture. Eye donation, especially is quite unique since one losses nothing except corneas which after death become unusable anyway.With ones eye donation, two to six visually disabled persons get invaluable gift of sight. Every one of us keeping aside our prejudices and superstitions must consider these facts seriously and contribute to this holy cause by not only pledging one's eyes but also motivating relatives of the deceased when a death occurs in a family or in the vicinity.
For additional information, organising lectures, poster exhibitions in your society, office, school, college,Ganesh Festivals or for books on eye donation etc. please contact :-
S. V. Agashe - C-54, Ashokalp, Rashmi Complex, Mental Hospital Road, Thane (W) 400 604.
TEL : 25805800, : 9969166607 (After 6.00 p.m.), (O) 25594049, 25592242 (Mrs. Agashe)
Harkisandas Hosp. 66106225 UMBAI)66106200,66106263 66106333
Byculla J. J. Hospital 23750102 23760943
Mumbai Central Nair Hospital 23081491 23081758
Parel Eye Bank Cordination Centre 24164342 24164324
Only for K.E.M. 24136051 24131763
Dadar Gokhale Eye Bank 24221820 24227425
Mahim Hinduja Hospital 24449199 24467575
Somaiya Hospital (Rotary) 24090253
Vile Parle Cooper Hospital 26207254 / 56 / 57 / 58
Borivli Samarpan Eye Bank 28011553 28624404
Dahisar Rotary's Eye Bank 28990707 9821701919
9821601919 9821801919
Vasai Blind Relief Asso. 2322387 2324107
Sion Tilak Hospital Eye Bank 24093077 24076381
(Skin too can be donated at Sion Hospital ext. 248, 440)
Ghatkopar Arpan Eye Bank 25067293 25060897
Rajawadi Hospital 25115066 25115067
Mulund KVO Somaj Eye Bank 25619356 25645278
Thane 1) Sahiyara Trust 9321311919 9320611919,9320411919 9892657656
2) Lions Club Kopri 25333852 25333455
(Upto Bhiwandi - Vashi) 25420639 25822683
3) Divyadrishti Rotary's Eye Bank 25822683 ,25812910 , 9820045614
Dombivli Manav Kalyan Kendra 2445574 / 9563 / 9573 / 9566
Kalyan Madhav Eye Bank 2205148/1633 9224484091
Panvel Laxmi Eye Bank 27453147 27452228
(Upto New Bombay, Kalyan, Bhiwandi, Ambernath, Alibaug,
Nagothane, Karjat, Khopoli)
Pune Jankalyan Eye Bank 24457256 24450264
Nayampalli Govt. Eye Bank 26128000
Rashtriya Netrasamstha 25536369 25536324
Ruby Hall Eye Clinic 26123391 to 98
Mahatma Gandhi Hosp. 25446575 24479443,24475722
AFMC 26306041

Sunday, July 4, 2010

नेत्रदान - एक राष्ट्रीय गरज

नेत्रदान - एक राष्ट्रीय गरज
१९८१ पासून नेत्रदान प्रचार-प्रसार कार्य करणाऱ्या
श्री.वि. आगाशे यांचे उदबोधक आणि माहितीपूर्ण
व्याख्यान जरूर आयोजित करा.
आपले मंडळ,संस्था,कार्यालय,शाळा (९वी पुढे),महाविद्यालय,गणेशोत्सव,
नवरात्रोत्सव,आंबेडकर जयंती,बुद्ध जयंती,स्वातंत्र्य दिन,प्रजासत्ताक दिन,
व्याख्यानमाला,युनियन्स,असोसिएशन्स,महिला मंडळ,भिशी-किट्टी पार्टी,
गृह निर्माण संस्था,वगैरे विविध ठिकाणी मराठी,हिंदी किंवा इंग्रजीतून
४५ मिनिटांचे व्याख्यान आपण आयोजित करू शकता.
आपल्या घरातही काही माणसे एकत्र जमल्यास नेत्रदानावर अनौपचारिकपणे
सविस्तर माहिती घेऊन शंका-कुशंकांचेही निरसन करून घेत,सीडीही पाहू शकता.
संपर्क - सी ५४, रश्मी संकुल,मनोरुग्णालय मार्ग,ठाणे (पश्चिम )४००६०४
दूरध्वनी - ०२२ २५८०५८००, ०२२ २५५९४०४९, ९९६९१६६६०७
श्री.वि.आगाशे यांचे इतर कार्यक्रम
* माझे नेत्रदान चळवळीतील २९ वर्षांचे अनुभव
* 'दृष्टी' हा नेत्रदान आणि इतर सामाजिक
विषयांवरील कवितांचा कार्यक्रम
नेत्रदानासारखा गंभीर विषय विनोदी ढंगात मांडणारी, नेत्रदान - का?कसे?कधी?
कोठे?कोणी?कोणासाठी? अशा विविध प्रश्नांची उत्तरे संवाद स्वरुपात सादर करणारी
' डोळस दान ' ही श्री.वि. आगाशे लिखित एकांकिका बसवून जनजागृतीसाठी विविध
ठिकाणी तसेच एकांकिका स्पर्धांतुनही जरूर सादर करा.
श्री.वि. आगाशे लिखित' डोळस दान ' ही एकांकिका तसेच
श्री.वि. आगाशे लिखित ' प्रकाशाची पहाट ' हा नेत्रदानावरील कविता संग्रह
या आगळ्यावेगळ्या अन मराठीतील एकमेवाद्वितीय अशा पुस्तकांसाठी संपर्क साधा.