Friday, February 17, 2012

दृष्टिदानाची चळवळ आता दिनदर्शिकेवर..

माझा लोकसत्ता,८ जानेवारी ,२०१२ मधील कार्य परिचय- चळवळ आता दिनदर्शिकेवर..

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  1. Dear Mr. Ahashe,
    I am inspired when I read your article in Loksatta last week. The rejoice of a sightless person can not be expressed in words when he/she gains it.
    I feel my self enrolling for NETRADANA after reading your article. Also I would like to spread your message in my friends and relatives

    Please Guide Me.
    Best Regards
    Ajay Joglekar
    Kawachi Group